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ThirdEye Photographic Society is a common platform for all photographers veteran or amateur.

We started this journey years back to promote, develop and excel in this particular field which

We all lovingly mention “Photography”.  As perceived, it has two principal branches.

1st Still Photography and other one Cinematography or motion pictures. I am sure, there will be other marvels waiting to be unfold; in near future. But we currently are working on both these medium. Our enthusiasm for photography is boundless, not limited to any particular activities. While we execute our tasks and goals, we do so in organized manner with absolute transparency. We work as a team. We do not work alone or individually or we have any space for individualistic photographers.

Our Slogan – “Photography and Beyond”, defines our purpose, goal, mission and vision. We dream about a society with freedom, justice, Peace and respect for each other. On our platform, we do not promote racism, class system and violence. Photography is a way to capture the moments & tell the story later thus preserved the moments for our next generations. Our ultimate goal is to change the existing society in to a better place for the next generations. We follow icons like Mr. Zahir Raihan; the way he changed, our way of thinking during pre liberation war in 1971 by photography, cinematography and literature. I urge upon all the members of our team to learn more and share. Learning never ends and sharing will only let it grow bigger and taller. Finally welcome to the virtual office of ThirdEye Photographic Society. Learn, participate and share your knowledge, ideas and captures.  Godspeed.

-- President, ThirdEye Photographic Society


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Thirdeye Photography Society is an organization for photo-enthusiasts with a mission to learn, educate and advance the art of photography in all its branches. Read more...

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